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Blog May 2007

Sorry about irregular blogging, school is too busy, as always in third term. Transition Year students are involved in so many outings and special events I haven't had as much class contact as I'd like. Did however get to continue with module on religion and music, by playing some CDs followed by discussion. Reaction from the students was quite positive judging by their reviews of the songs. I started with a handout on some of the issues raised by the whole interaction of faith and music (can send the handout on request - use contact link on left). The songs I used included What About the Love by Amy Grant - a great song about doing good for the wrong reasons, and with a sting in the tail about the songwriter being too judgemental. As an example of rocking up an old hymn I played Christ the Lord is risen today by Ashley Cleveland, from her Men and Angels Say album (see music section of the site for CD review). Now Is the Time for Tears by Charlie Peacock from a great CD called Coram Deo is a touching song about grief of any sort and how to relate to friends who are suffering from it. Each song provides so much material for discussion that it's hard to get through too many without rushing it. I usually provide handouts with the song words and a few questions to kick start the discussion.
I'm running out of TY classes at this stage but hope to get a chance to do a class with music DVDs. If not I'll use some of this material for the summer exam - show a music DVD with spiritual theme and ask a few questions. It'll make a change from the traditional exam format, which should be in keeping with the TY ethos!
One requirement I have on this course is that the students must produce some sort of a work of art with a religious theme. I suspect there will be a minimalist approach! One year I got two slips of wood nailed together to make the most basic of crucifixes. The deadline approacheth so I will report here soon on what I get. We're also getting a visit soon from the Diocesan advisor who will give certificates based on the work done in this course so students are under orders to gather their material in presentable format.
Apart from TY, I was doing the Eucharist in 6th year R.E. (tough going this time of year) and used the Eucharist scene from BBC's The Manchester Passion - where the events of Holy Week are given a modern musical setting. I have one more class to go on that and might use the scene from Ken Loach's film Raining Stones where the father makes an attempt to explain the Eucharist to his daughter who is just about to make her first communion.