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Below are listed some useful websites relating to religion and the arts. The fact that they are linked from here doesn't imply approval or recommendation for everything on these sites, but they are certainly worth a look. For websites relating to particular musicians see the music page of this site.


Makeup and the Arts

By special request! Article about history of make up, relevant to the arts.

Dublin Diocese Liturgy Resource Centre
In 2004 the LitMus (Liturgy and Music) Office was incorporated into a new Diocesan Liturgical Resource Centre, based in Clonliffe College. The centre acts as a support for parishes and other groups to encourage and enable them to improve the quality of liturgical services, including also music and liturgical art. The school choirs event Emmanuel is on of the initiatives of the centre.

New Liturgical Movement
Huge site dedicated to sacred liturgy and the liturgical arts. There's an impresssive archive of news and articles.

Logos Institute
Lots of different articles and resources on this site, including articles about creativity, as well as religious poetry and original music. Available for download is the online magazine Logos Review - A Journal of Spiritual Arts and Ideas.

Quilty Artists
This is an Irish forum/community for Catholics interested in the arts, especially those praticing the arts. There are opportunities for sharing artworks and personal stories of engaging with the arts.

The International Society of Christian Artists
S.I.A.C. is an international association of Christian artists, artists who work to Christian themes, for liturgical spaces and / or who live and work according to Christian values. S.I.A.C. seeks to bring together artists of many nationalities and backgrounds to share experiences and grow in mutual understanding. S.I.A.C. is an association open to creative artists of all disciplines – poets, composers, photographers, visual artists and writers among others.

Catholic Underground
An initiative of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, Moyross, Limerick. Events combining prayer and music take place regularly around Ireland. The Underground also includes poetry, visual art, dancers, film, drama.

Fraternity of St Genesius
An Irish site devoted to the interface between Catholicism and drama, in theatre and cinema. The group organises various events, like a monthly film club, and has a drama group that has staged works by John Paul II.

Catholic Authors
A site with detailed biographical information on a range of Catholic authors, including Tolkien and Chesterton.

Catechetics Commission
This is the official site of the Catechetics Commission of the Irish Bishops Conference, featuring resources for special events days, such as Education in Faith Sunday.

Catholic Ireland
A comprehensive portal site for all things Catholic in Ireland. There is plenty of interesting material in the Culture and Arts section.

This relatively new site is a web community for Catholics interested in artistic expression. The most active part of the site is the lively and busy forum section, but there is also an interesting section on poetry.

Catholic Planet
This general Catholic site has excellent sections on poetry and music. In the poetry there is a huge range of poems by a wide variety of authors, and in the music section there are free music downloads in MP3 format and Real Audio streams of fulll songs.


Sr Rose's Movie Blog
Sr Rosa Pacatte writes about the movies. Sr. Rose Pacette is a Daughter of St Paul and Director of the Pauline Center for Media Studies, Los Angeles. She is the co-author of the Lights, Camera…Faith! Series.

Brilliant site that provides film clips on a variety of inspirational themes. Clips can be viewed on site and/or downloaded. Many clips are free and available under the basic subscription option. Paid for subscriptions give access to higher quality clips and clips from high profile films.

Decent Films
An excellent site for perceptive film reviews from a Catholic perspective. Includes many articles on film in general.
Grassroots Films
This project from Youth2000 New York involves the making of high quality inspirational films - there are DVDs on The World Youth Days, the problem of suffering, Good Friday and many more. Trailers are available on the site, so that you can try before you buy.
A site dedicated to the film The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, by Christian writer C.S. Lewis. There's a free newsletter, photos from the shooting of the film, links to press coverage and much more.
Hollywood Jesus
This a vast site, with extensive visual content. It deals with religion in popular culture and is broad in its pespective. There are articles and analysis and focuses mostly on American material. It is particularly good on films and there's a free email newsletter.
Internet Movie Database
Probably the best of the movie reference sites. There are links to a large number of reviews and as much detail about each film as you could possibly want.
Family Style
This sites alerts the viewer to dubious content in films, in list format, but recently they have started to add fuller reviews.
Catholic News Service
The US Catholic Conference of Bishops has had a movie reviewing service for over forty years and all reviews are archived here. Reviews of new releases are added weekly. Films are discussed from an artistic perspective and from the point of view of moral suitabilty.

Irish Church Music Association
Organises various events including an annual Summer School in Maynooth. Provides information on Church Music issues through the website and newsletter.

Dublin Choral Foundation
Established in 1996 to promote the development of choirs of excellence and to provide a musical education for children hitherto only av ailable in the cathedral choral tradition, Dublin Choral Foundation is now recognised as one of Ireland’s leading choral establishments. The two choirs of Dublin Choral Foundation, The Lassus Scholars and Piccolo Lasso, directed by Ite O’Donovan, cater for singers of all ages. They are named after the great composer and virtuoso of Renaissance polyphony, Orlande de Lassus (1532-1594).

Elation Ministries
An Irish group of musicians and singers available for retreats, youth work, parish work and music workshops. Their site includes some music and video samples.



Emptiful Vessels
This site features the poetry of Fr Seamus Devitt CSSR, a poetic priest of the Redemptorist Order. A wide variety of spiritual topics is covered, and the site layout is attractively simple and uncluttered.

Catholic Poets and Writers
This website exists to help Catholic poets, writers or editors by providing information on researching, writing, and revising poems, articles, stories, and books from a Catholic perspective.

Hopkins Poems Set to Music
Singer Sean O'Leary has an album of Hopkins poems set to music. There are samples to listen to on this website dedicated to this project - follow the link to "Play Demo". Particularly striking are his versions of "I wake and feel the fell of dark" and "Spring". There is a link on the site to buy the album.

Pamela Hardesty
Pamela is an American artist living in Ireland. She works on spiritual themes in various materials especially glass and paper. Her site includes many examples of her work, and a statement about the comnnections between her art and her faith.
Eala Enamels
Anne Murphy is an Irish artist working in enamel. Many of her subjects are religious - on her site you can see her studies in the saints, the Madonna, angels, the cross and much more.

Fr Bill Moore
Fr Moore, a member of the Congregation of Sacred Hearts, is a Catholic priest and artist. His work is abstract, and among his inspirations are nature, church vestments and the writings of T.S. Eliot. There are galleries of work on his website.

Radiant Light
This is quite an impressive site, featuring the striking modern artwork of Elizabeth Wang. There are images on an array of themes - e.g. scripture, sacraments, God. There is an inbuilt image search so it's easy to find something for specific religion classes. There's also a teacher's section with ideas and resources. Many pictures are available for free download for educational and non-profit use.
Christian Art by Joao D. Filipe
Some beautiful artwork, icon style, by this talented Portugese painter. Features images of Jesus, The Blessed Virgin, the angels and saints.
Icons Explained
The Purpose of this website is to enable the visitor to re-discover and experience the beauty and deeper meaning of Traditional Byzantine Icons, the visual and spiritual treasures of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and an integral part of the Orthodox Faith.
Kathleen M. Anderson
This page features the work of Kathleen M. Anderson, an iconographer who has been working in this area, as a spiritual and artistic activity, since 1989.
Nick Alexander
Nick Alexander is a Catholic humorist who specialises in parodies of well known songs, spreading the gospel message in the process. Mightn't be everyone's taste but there's not exactly a pile of people in this line of work! On this site you'll find links to samples of his work to listen to or download. Try his potted history of the Church in his song We Want to Stand United, a rather unusual adaptation of Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.

The Jesse Box
The Jesse is a new initiative to help parents tell Bible Stories at home, but could also be used with younger children at school. The method is based on drama and imagination, using Bible figures that the children help to make. Story kits are now available for the Nativity and Easter, and there are support materials available online to those who purchase the kit. See a video here.

Epiphany Studio Productions
A Catholic theatre group from USA. Their motto is "Entertaining, Educating & Inspiring through a Catholic vision in the Dramatic Arts!". Some of their performances can be ordered on DVD from their website's store. Clips, previews, and interviews are also available on their YouTube channel.