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This a personal selection which will hopefully become more comprehensive in time. Initially I have listed the music by performer, indicating useful or inspiring songs. Some are effective to enhance prayer and meditation, some may be used to encourage discussion of key themes. Many are available through religious book and music shops such as Veritas, online retailers like Amazon, and Christian Discs is a great source for the American material. Some recommended songs may turn up on other albums by the same artists or on compilation albums. Links are given to artists' websites where there may be samples their work to listen to or download.

Beth Nielsen Chapman
Superb singer songwriter from America. Her mainstream albums often contain spiritual themes of a general nature, e.g. bereavement on the Sand and Water (1997) album, but in Autumn 2004 she released the album Hymns, (review here), beautiful versions of traditional Catholic hymns in Latin most conducive to meditation, with some English language tracks including the outstanding "Oh God of Loveliness". In Spring 2007, she released a DVD of a wonderful concert of spiritual songs from St Paul's Cathedral in London - If Love Could Say God's Name (review here), and in Autumn 2007 released Prism,a double CD, of spiritual songs from many religious cultures, with some new material as well.

Amy Grant
One America's best known contemporary Christian music singers. Her Christmas albums are a treat, combining traditional songs with some excellent new ones. The rock orientated albums are worth looking into - e.g. on Lead Me On (1988) there's "What About the Love?" a striking indictment of judgementalism. Legacy ... Hymns of Faith (2002) on the other hand is a reflective, largely acoustic collection of traditional gospel songs.

Mark Heard
Sadly deceased, Heard was an insightful songwriter little known in Ireland. Some of his work was gospel orientated and all of it was infused with true human values and spiritual insight. Best album is Second Hand (1991) an acoustic rock collection, which features among others "Lonely Moon" about how secular culture can squeeze the Spirit out of people. Another highlight is the powerful statement of faith "My Redeemer Lives" from the compilation album High Noon (1993)
Angela Hutchison
Many of you may remember Angela - she visited Irish schools a few years ago as part of the Challenge Team from Canada, but kept a low profile about her considerable musical talents! She has released two albums, Grace Child (2001) and Hope for Sure (2004). There's plenty of scope for enjoyment, discussion and meditation on the latter album in particular - try "I Know That My Redeemer Lives", "Beginning of Wisdom" and "Keep Me Near" for starters. Sound clips are available on Angela's website and the albums can be ordered from there also.
The Roches
These New York sisters specialise in delicious harmonies from. Their album Zero Church (2001) is a collection of musical prayers that will grace any colection, and provide material for discussion and meditation. "God Bless the Artists" has to be a highlight, considering the theme of this website; "Anyway" may have been written by Mother Teresa; "Each of Us Has a Name" is a sensetive reflection on identity; "A Prayer" was written by a soldier who regrets what he has done in war and wants to make up for it; "Hallejuah" is a moving reflection on illness.
Liam Lawton
One of the best known Irish composers of modern liturgical music. His work, e.g. In the Quiet (2002) is particularly suitable for class prayer services and meditation. Another World (2004) figured prominently in the album charts following the Autumn 2004 tour and features guests like Brian Kennedy and Maire Brennan. His latest is Song of the Celtic Soul (2007).
Sal Solo
Another of the small band of Catholic performers in the field. Sal was originally part of the 80's rock group Classix Nouveaux, had a chart hit in the UK with "San Damiano", and did retreat work in The UK and Ireland. His best work is the album Look at Christ (1991), a sensitive light-rock treatment of the decades of the Rosary. There is much here for school folk groups and class prayer services, including the standout track "Holy Spirit".
John Michael Talbot
The most famous Catholic composer and performer of contemporary Christian music. His output of high quality reflective albums has been prolific. Particularly suitable for school use are Songs for Worship (1983), instrumental albums like The Quiet, Brother to Brother (1996), a fine collection of duets with Michael Card featuring songs for many occasions and themes, and Table of Plenty (1997) his collection of favourite worship songs by other composers. The retrospective Signatures (2003) offers a good chance to catch up on some of JMT's most popular songs. City of God (2005) featuring more classic folk/gospel songs from the Catholic tradition, including Here I Am, City of God, Sing to the Mountains, Abba Father. The latest, his 50th album, is Living Water - clips available on his website.
Jennifer Warnes
She records mostly secular material, but there are some spiritual gems on her albums. On Jennifer Warnes (1977) there's a short version of "Oh God of Loveliness", while on Famous Blue Raincoat (1987) there's the well known and deeply moving "Song of Bernadette" and the intriguing "Joan of Arc", a duet with Leonard Cohen, which provides plenty of discussion material.