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Workshops Available!

These workshops are available for teacher, school and parish groups - daytimes, evenings or on Saturdays. Sessions can be arranged as required but a two hour workshop format, with a break in the middle, is the ideal situation. Workshops can be tailored and adapted to suit the needs of venues and participants.

Workshops can also be done online, via Zoom, on an individual or group basis.

Some of the workshops have already been done with Education Centres, PDST, Religious Education Support Service, RE Cluster Days, Diocesan Advisors and the Religion Teachers' Association. If interested please use the contact link on left panel.

Check the News Page or Calendar for upcoming courses.

ChatGPT and other AI Tools in Religious Education
An exploratory guide on using ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools in the teaching of Religious Education,  Junior and Senior levels. These AI tools can create resources, worksheets, templates, assessments, educational strategies and much more in double quick time.

Resources for Creation Themes
Exploring a wide variety of resources, music, poetry, film on the theme of creation. With notes and worksheets.

Google Slides for RE Teachers
Exploring the potential for the use of Google Slides presentation software (free) in RE teaching.

Resources for Epiphany Themes
Exploring a wide variety of themes and resources relating to the Epiphany. Themes include journey, gift and more. Copious notes provided.

Resources for Graduation Events
Ideas, resources, activities, music for graduation events/ceremonies.

Themes and Resources for Holy Week and Easter

Themes and resources for Lent

Themes and Resources for Advent

Canva for RE Teachers
Canva is a well featured graphic design tool for creating inspirational posters, presentations with easy insertion of videos, award certs for students and much more.

Padlet for RE Teachers
This workshop will explore the use of Padlet software in creating lessons, collecting resources and interacting with students.

Exploring Religious Themes in Contemporary Culture in the New Junior Cycle RE Specifications
With the advent of the new Religious Education Specification for first year students in Sept 2019, this workshops looks at the learning outcome where students are required to‘explore the presence of religious themes in contemporary culture through an examination of art, music, literature or film’. This workshop will offer guidelines and suggestions on how this might be approached, with suggested resources appropriate for first year students and beyond.  

Exploring how Christianity has contributed to Irish culture and heritage in the New Junior Cycle RE Specifications
This second workshop for the new Junior Cycle RE Specifications explores 'how Christianity has contributed to Irish culture and heritage'. There will be guidelines and resources in music, poetry, film, poetry and art.

Quizzes, Assessments and Evaluations
This hands on IT course will explore a variety of online tools for the creation of quizzes for the classroom, along with the creation of assessments and evaluations using software such as Quizizz, Google Forms and Blendspace/TES Teach.

Using Film in RE and English Teaching
A hands-on IT course on sourcing films, sourcing and creating film clips to explore themes and key moments, sourcing and creating stills from films to illustrate themes and key moments, and also to create worksheets, notes and house exams.

Improve Your Powerpoints
A course to help those who use or would like to use Powerpoint presentations in their teaching, introducing lesser known features which should enhance the presentaions. Includes the process of embedding video, sound files and images.

TES Teach/Blendspace
A hands-on IT course introducing participants to one of the best developments in educational software - TES Teach, formerly known as Blendspace or Educanvas. This online tool facilitates the gathering and presentation of a variety of resources.

YouTube Masterclass
Learn a variety of tips and tricks for YouTube, along with many lesser known but very useful YouTube features. This will be a hands on course and topics will include embedding YouTube videos in Powerpoint presentations, recording clips from longer YouTube videos, the online safety features in YouTube, gathering YouTube videos in Blendspace, educational features in YouTube and much more.

Teach RE Visually
A hands on course outlining ways to teach RE visually through a variety of software tools. For example teachers will learn to create presentations that highlight the visual imagery in Bible stories and religious ritual, and create stills to illustrate films suitable for RE. Teachers will create suitable visuals and animations for their topics and source animations to aid learning. Guidance will be given on the creation of visually attractive worksheets, notes, and revision aids as well as house exam papers that will appeal to the visual learner. Software used will include the versatile Snipping Tool, Powerpoint, Photostory, Google Slides, Emaze and Blendspace. 

Reflections on Mercy
An arts-based reflection on the theme of mercy - featuring music, poetry and film clips. Generally this is a one-hour session but can be shortened or lengthened as required.

Religious Themes in Film/Film in Religious Education
A look at religious themes in film, using participant's personal experiences with film, including a variety of relevant film clips and if required IT advice on how to source and create and use film clips.

Religious Themes in Music/Music in Religious Education
Participants get to experience and reflect upon religious themes in a variety of musical styles, especially modern folk/reflective/rock genres, with a view to personal development and reflection or/and further use in classsroom/parish contexts. Includes also, if required, practical IT advice on sourcing suitable music, online and beyond!

Religious Themes in Drama
Topics covered include spiritual themes in Shakespearean and TV drama, with plenty of relevant video clips to illustrate these themes - everything from Macbeth to the Simpsons. There are plenty of opportunities for discussion and even for impromptu acting/role playing if required. Practical strategies, if required, for developing and using the material in the classroom.

Religious Themes in Poetry
A look at religious/spiritual themes in poetry - from the material learned in school (Donne, Eliot, Kavanagh etc) to modern performance poetry that will have participants out of their seats, but only if they want to!

Using IT in Teaching RE
This workshop aims to help teachers who wish to use Information Technology in the teaching of Religious Education. Topics include Powerpoint Presentations, use of internet video, using user generated photos and video, simple video editing, Photostory presentations, accessing, creating and using film and music resources. This can be done as an illustrated presentation or as a hands-on course in a computer room with individuals or groups.

Images of God
A look at images of God in film, music, art, drama and poetry, including a focus on scriptural images. Includes suggestions and strategies for dealing with this material in RE class.

The Beatitudes
Exploring the Beatitudes through discussion, prayer and music.

Finding Faith on the Internet
Exploring the vast range of faith resources on the internet - official sites, bloggers, music, film, eportals, prayer. Suitable for school or parish.

The Search for Meaning in Film
A detailed look at various approaches to the search for meaning in film, using a range of relevant film clips and guidelines.

Senior Cycle Religious Education (Non-Exam)
Ideas for tackling Senior Cycle RE (Non-Exam) - approaching include creative uses of the arts and a variety of practical coping steps.

Arts Retreat
A retreat based on the arts that can be tailored as required. Among the options are prayer and reflection through music, poetry, film and the visual arts. Can be delivered as a one-off daytime event, or a four-night series.