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Bella - Quirky film with pro-life message. Chronology hard to follow, excellent acting, not preachy.
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Unplanned - Hard hitting, briefly graphic (abortion scene), focus on abortion clinics and protests. ome useful standalone scenes.
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Article on 9 Pro-Life films



Untold - Matthew West

Jenny Change Your Mind - L'Angelus

A Difficult Kind - Yvonne Lyon
(abortion themed song?)

How Was I To Know - Sal Solo

Little Innocents (A Civil Rights Song) - Vin Garbutt
(English folk singer with distinctive style, from album of same name)

In Innocence - Izzy Hunzek (written by Sal Solo, originial version on his album Metanoia)

A Baby's Prayer - Kathy Troccoli

Children Can Live Without It - D C Talk

Could Have Been Me - Johnny Duhan




I miss you so much,
I thought you'd faded from my mind,
I thought I'd left you far behind,
But the memory of you
Keeps on breaking through
No matter what I do.

When you were gone, I froze,
I've been frozen ever since.
It's the dreams that I can't handle,
And the loss of confidence.

Can't meet my own eyes in the mirror,
Can't take the anniversaries,
And even if my mind forgets, my body still remembers,
That's about the age that you'd have been.

You were fallen among shadows
Till He came and found you there,
Took your hand and brought you Home with Him,
To the Land above the air.

It's a far, far better place
Where no one ever has to cry,
Safe beneath your Father's tender gaze,
You're the apple of His eye.

It's a far, far better place
Where no one ever has to cry
Safe beneath your Father's gentle gaze,
You're the apple of His eye.


I miss you so much,
I keep my defences high
In case the thought of you slips by,
And tears come in a flood,
Like a wound that's running blood,
That's why I can't bear to cry.

I've been living on hold,
I've been living in suspense,
Can't get to sleep at night, and when I do, I get these dreams,
My life doesn't seem to make much sense.

When I think of you I feel my heart has been stolen away,
The flame of grief burns blue to white,
I'd give my life for you without a moment's hesitation,
And I'm just hoping against all hope that you're all right.

Joe McCarroll
A meditation on a mother's love for a little one lost to abortion, her longing to know that her child was all right. - for Rachel and Theresa, Bernadette and Lynn, and everyone who walks with you, and everyone you walk with, in the vineyard of tears, thank you.
(Mark 10.14-16, 1Timothy 2.4, 1Peter 4.6, Psalm 17.8, Zechariah 2.8, Deuteronomy 32.10 and especially, Rom 4:18)

(c) Joe McCarroll, reprinted here with permission of author


What a churning it took, what a churning of lies,
To butter-slide around the red reality;
But at last, our centre holed below the son-and-daughter-line,
All hell is let loose.

The ceremonial drowning of innocence took un-Rosaried decades:
Media mouthers sold the Snakeoil, chanting, "Herod, prey for us!"
Politicians "journeyed", shedding their convictions
As snakes shed old skins.

Then, media-moulded, politicians offered us
The golden apple of abortion,
The silver apple of God-awful lawfulness,
Apples eaten, adamantly even.


For twenty centuries
The Bethlehem Baby
Rocked in our hearts
The cradle of love for the unborn of us.


Now a desecration is at hand,
The un-becoming of our unborn,
Law protecting their Geborgenheit, lost,
God-aweless lawless law, at hand.

Now comes the zombiad of leo-like doctors,
Blank of face, Stepford of mind,
Pitiless of heart,
Chanting, "Nocere!"

Now comes the Beast, liar and life-taker from the first,
Slithering in, its feeding-time come round at last;
Invited in, by us,
Come for the unborn of us.

"Let our beo gan breith be made beo gan beo."
But the Beast, an universal wolf, plays a zero Mum game:
'First, your heart abort,
Now, your child.'



Our céad míle falters…
Can even a hundred thousand hand-washes
Remove that damned red spot?
What have we done, Lord?

Chucky, our law, is let loose,
Moloch is let loose,
Crom Cruach is let loose.
O Lord, forgive us.

Kyrie eleison,
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison,
Christe eleison.
Kyrie eleison,
Christe eleison.

A Naomh Mhuire,
A Mháthair Dé,
Guigh orainn na peacaigh,
Anois, agus ar uair ár mbáis.

Joe McCarroll
21st August 2018

(reflection on Ireland's repeal of the protective pro-life amendment)

(c) Joe McCarroll, reprinted here with permission of author


Unto Us - a poem by Spike Milligan
(strong - school use with caution)

A Psalm of Life - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
(about the value of life in general)